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Firebag (Da Bag, Le Sac) was where I worked for almost 2 years on the SAGD stage 3 and 4 project.  During this time, I met a lot of great people, stayed at the Voyageur (G-Pop), and Village Camp in a Jack and Jack room, had some great free meals which people joked about treating and all-they-can-eat. I've never gone camping before .. but, if this is what camping is like... I might try it in the future. Camping with Tim Hortons, internet access, cable tv, food readily available, occasionally get to see bears at the side of the road, Gymnasium with badminton /basketball/floor hockey every night, workout room, game room with foosball table, air hockey, ping pong, streetfighter, pool tables, and poker tables. Now you see, how I wouldn't mind camping anymore?    

As I head back to a Metropolis city to work, I'll remember this great journey, that it is nice to appreciate the wilderness and companies like Suncor that try really hard to support sustainability, and safety of thier workers.  

Remember the more optimistic yet realistic you are... the happier you will be!




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