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I just bought a 2012 13" MacBook Pro and wish I waited till I had all this information available. Well here's what I think can be the best possible deal, just wonder if all of these can be used at the same time.  


This year Apple is offering $100 GC for back to school laptops (

+ Credit card connected to Paypal (credit card points)

+ Double the Aeroplan Points (

+ 5% cash back - Paying with Paypal   (

+ 2.0% cashback - buying through this site (

+ 1.5% cashback - buying through this site (


 If a Teacher discount, if you are a teacher or buying one for him/her, can try in conjunction to the cashback ones too.

+  MBP 13" is $100 off

+  Aeroplan Points (not double the point)


if you have a whole bunch of tabs open and logged in (ebates, GCR, and aeroplan) connected to site and pay with Paypal on the apple site, this might work ?!?


Let me know if this works...

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A few months ago, the bottom left corner of my display faded to black, I'd open and close the display and the display would flicker and the display would re-light. A month later it would come back and this time it was permanent. but I could still read it. Until another month later when I was traveling the laptop must have bumped into something and the entire screen was blank / black. First thing I did was to check whether the problem was the computer or just the display so I pluged the HDMI in and it works, and I also checked the VGA port and it worked. so I know it is the laptop display. 

I bought a Ribbon cable for the screen, which is NOT the ribbon cable I plan to modify. I was also thinking about replacing the screen entirely but, it was a bit too pricey for me, it would cost me between $90-130 with shipping and brokerage. So I just repair the damaged ribbon cable. (There are two ribbon cables that go into the screen, the one that you are repairing is not detachable from the screen.)  

So what did was follow these instructions to remove the display on the laptop:

I got the repair idea from this blogger:

to repair the ribbon cable that has a 90 degree bend that causes the traces to be broken and cause the screen to go blank.

Tools you need:

- X-acto knife, small phillips head screwdriver, solder, fine tipped soldering iron, 30 gauge hookup wire, tweezers (if you have big fingers.), teflon/electrical tape, and (if you want to test your connections) a multi-meter.

Without removing the clips:

clips still on.


After removing the clips, I put the display on the keyboard:

Display on keyboard
So there are basically there are two ribbon cables, the detachable ribbon cable is on the left in this picture held by tape. After removing that, you can detach the display. The ribbon cable on the right has a 90 degree bend in the cable from the screen to the connector on the circuit board. 

Zoom on cables

So here is a close up of the repair and taped up to securely fasten the repair. I made sure to tape around it  to ensure no shorts are present. This is very delicate because traces may be broken or shorted if you are not careful: either with removing the insulation, soldering or taping down.  

Zoom on Repair made

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After reading this:


Here's my $0.02,

You build a box, I build a box, and we both build a box.  Hey! your box is like mine, it's square in shape, it has six sides, made from card board.. See you in Court!!
Fight, Fight, Fight!!
2 great products, but different ( and yes I think most people can tell them apart!)

As a consumer, I prefer they fight! more competition = lower prices!

As a supporter of Technology, they should just do profit sharing for both brands, but greed ("making money" is more politically correct terminology) is the current bottom line and that includes preventing others from infringing on their market shares.   

As a citizen of this planet, I feel this is benefiting the lawyers involved and tying up the courts. I know... lawyers need to eat too.

So it's all perspective!

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I bought G.SKILL SQ Series 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3 1600MHz CL11 SODIMM Memory (F3-1600C11D- 16GSQ) to put into my Macbook Pro 13" (Mid-2012) because I wanted to run VMware and this definitely made the speeds noticeable. I'd prefer a lower CAS Latency (lower than 11.) For almost $20 more for CL10 wasn't worthwhile, The CL11 was the more economical choice. Also this was actually the only choice because this was the last one from all the stores around my area without paying for shipping charges or waiting for at least 3-5 business days. So far the RAM seems to work great with the my 13" MBP and has not crashed yet, Able to detect 1600 Mhz, and all 16GB. I read that you need Apple certified RAM, well at this point this RAM was not consider Apple certified RAM. but it definitely worked for me hope it works for you as well.

16GB G-Skill RAM added to Mid 2012 MBP 13

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Firebag (Da Bag, Le Sac) was where I worked for almost 2 years on the SAGD stage 3 and 4 project.  During this time, I met a lot of great people, stayed at the Voyageur (G-Pop), and Village Camp in a Jack and Jack room, had some great free meals which people joked about treating and all-they-can-eat. I've never gone camping before .. but, if this is what camping is like... I might try it in the future. Camping with Tim Hortons, internet access, cable tv, food readily available, occasionally get to see bears at the side of the road, Gymnasium with badminton /basketball/floor hockey every night, workout room, game room with foosball table, air hockey, ping pong, streetfighter, pool tables, and poker tables. Now you see, how I wouldn't mind camping anymore?    

As I head back to a Metropolis city to work, I'll remember this great journey, that it is nice to appreciate the wilderness and companies like Suncor that try really hard to support sustainability, and safety of thier workers.  

Remember the more optimistic yet realistic you are... the happier you will be!




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