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Dear Friends and Blog readers,

I don't want to hear that anyone got scammed by this guy that is why I'm posting this!

I didn't lose any money, but I'm 99% sure this is a SCAM!

Remember, Cash and Carry only! (meet in public place to be safe!)

Absolutely NO Western Union Money transfers!! 

How do I know this is a Scam?(see emails below)

1) Western Union Payment, when he stated Cash in the beginning. 

2) The product is not the latest model. despite posting on June 24, 2012.

3) He said the Macbook Pro was a gift from his company. but the stock computer comes in 4 Gigs of RAM, but he has 8 Gigs instead. What company would upgrade a gift?

The DETAILS of this person are: (maybe this is fake as well)

 Name: Cole Burton
Address: 181 Granville Road
City/State: London
Country: United Kingdom
Zip code: NW2 2LH



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