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I just bought a 2012 13" MacBook Pro and wish I waited till I had all this information available. Well here's what I think can be the best possible deal, just wonder if all of these can be used at the same time.  


This year Apple is offering $100 GC for back to school laptops (

+ Credit card connected to Paypal (credit card points)

+ Double the Aeroplan Points (

+ 5% cash back - Paying with Paypal   (

+ 2.0% cashback - buying through this site (

+ 1.5% cashback - buying through this site (


 If a Teacher discount, if you are a teacher or buying one for him/her, can try in conjunction to the cashback ones too.

+  MBP 13" is $100 off

+  Aeroplan Points (not double the point)


if you have a whole bunch of tabs open and logged in (ebates, GCR, and aeroplan) connected to site and pay with Paypal on the apple site, this might work ?!?


Let me know if this works...

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Tom said...
Hello Benit I was searching for some info on the Acer 3810 screen problem and saw your post (sorry, can't seem to comment in the correct place below?). I hope you don't object to me asking a few things. as follows... I have exactly the same problem so would like to attempt the repair. So far I've opened up the machine and found my way to the flex. I hadn't realised how fine (i.e. narrow) the paths are. I don't have much experience soldering this kind of fine work. Just wondering, do you think this is do-able by a beginner - and anything I should know based on your experience of this repair? Tom (UK)
December 10, 2012 12:55:10
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